Download LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging

Provision and Image Windows, Linux and Hypervisors

For all data centers: cloud, dedicated server hosting, corporate

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning makes it easy for IT Pros to build, deploy, repurpose and recover Windows, Linux & ESX/ESXi Servers, Blades, PCs and VMs. Watch our Video Tutorials if you haven't already!

Enter a valid email address below to receive an email with the download links to LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning 6.5.1.

If you are a Cisco customer, partner or employee, please download Cisco Server Provisioner from the download site and refer to the resources in the Provisioner 6.5 Release Notes.

Refer to our Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to install and use LBMP on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS system, or the entire on-line User's Guide for a complete understanding of how to use LBMP.

This download is the full production version: the license key controls the expiration date and the number of systems you can provision or image. Request a trial license key. If you are a customer with a valid support agreement, you may download and upgrade to the newest version, otherwise contact LinMin Support to renew your support agreement.

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