LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging 6.5 (August 2013)

✓ LinMin Remotely Installs Linux, Windows & ESX/ESXi on Servers, Blades, Virtual Machines & PCs

✓ LinMin Remotely Backs Up, Restores and Clones Entire Linux, Windows & ESX/ESXi Systems

✓ LinMin Remotely Deploys Rescue Systems for Remote System Remediation

✓ LinMin's Browser Interface and API make it a Snap to Use and Integrate!

LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning and Imaging at a Glance

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Who is LinMin? LinMin builds software to automate system provisioning, deployment and disaster recovery. LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning falls into the software categories of "Infrastructure", "Systems Management", "IT Automation" and "Hosting Automation" depending on the context and the industry analyst.

Who uses LinMin? Data center managers, system administrators, system builders, tech support specialists, and other IT professionals.

Where is LinMin used? LinMin is used in hosting and corporate data centers, system integration/assembly companies, managed service providers, software development and testing organizations, academic and research institutions, and more...

Why do system administrators and other IT pros use LinMin? To save time, reduce errors, reduce deployment times and bring consistency to deployments. To increase responsiveness to internal/external customers. To optimize the use of hardware and increase system availability. To recover corrupted systems in minutes without having to rebuild them. To spend time on more challenging tasks. To have cycles left to put out other fires!

How can I justify buying LinMin? LinMin costs very little, and it pays for itself in a few weeks. Simply estimate the number of systems you deploy (or repurpose) each year and multiply that by the average number of minutes per deployment (related to installing the OS and apps). From there, you can easily see the amount of time (and money) you save by using LinMin. If you only deploy 5 to 10 systems a year, it probably doesn't make sense (unless you have strict quality/consistency requirements), but anything more can easily justify your investment in LinMin.

What does LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning do, exactly? LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning provides 2 very distinct and complementary capabilities, provisioning and imaging:

Remotely-Managed Provisioning, also called "MAC-Specific" or "Fire and Forget" Provisioning

Server Provisioning Made Easy

From a centralized, web browser-accessible Provisioning Dashboard, you can review and change system profiles (operating systems, network and other parameters) for your entire operation.

View the Provisioning Dashboard

Add Operating System Templates

Assign an Operating System to a System

Add/Edit System Parameters

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Locally-Initiated Provisioning, also called "MAC-Independent" or "On the Fly" Provisioning

Walk to a System and with a keystroke install a fully configured and tested Operating System without CDs or DVDs

Locally-initiated provisioning is very helpful in many situations. Perhaps you're building a brand new system (a just-bolted server in your data center or a system on your assembly line or a workstation for a new employee) and you don't yet know its MAC address (the network card's unique identifier), or simply don't want to bother updating the MAC-Specific Provisioning Dashboard. Simply walk to the system, power it up and hit F-12 to boot to the network. Then press a key to select an item from LinMin's pre-OS menu, and walk away: you're done!

Select the OS from the Pre-Boot Menu

Build the Pre-Boot Menu using our GUI

Add a Linux Role to the Menu

Add a Windows Role to the Menu

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Bare Metal Imaging: Backup, Restore and Clone Entire Linux and Windows Systems

Disaster Recovery Simplified - System Repurposing Automated - Cloning made Easy

And what about Bare Metal Imaging?
Disk imaging is performed on systems as they are powered on. Before the OS on the local hard disk boots the system, LinMin installs RAM-resident software that captures all disk contents and stores them on the network, or restores a system from bare metal to a prior known-good state. The reason why this approach is excellent is because all applications, services and databases are closed, ensuring maximum integrity. But it's not for every system, because it requires that the system be unavailable for a few minutes during the backup. Overall, it's a great complement to traditional backup and restore software which perform daily backups of selected files.

LinMin Imaging Dashboard

A System's Imaging Profile

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Sounds very interesting! Where do I go from here?
First, make sure that we provision the systems you have (see our list of over 100 operating system and architecture combinations LinMin provisions and images), then check out LinMin's prices. If this all sounds good, download your free LinMin trial and evaluate LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning today!